Trans Inclusion


The resources featured on this page are helpful for individuals and congregations who want to increase their understandings of transgender and gender non-conforming identities as well as curricula for congregations who want to open their doors to transgender members. If you have a resource to share or don’t see one that would be helpful for you please contact us here.

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The Gender Unicorn


This is an easy to understand primer on gender identity and sexual orientation. You can download and print the guide for free. It’s a great resource to accompany conversations on gender and sexuality.

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Transitioning to Inclusion: A Guide to Welcoming Transgender Children and Their Families in your Community of Faith

In a recent Human Rights Campaign survey of trans* and gender variant youth, 53% of youth surveyed said they did not know whether their own place of worship was accepting of LGBT people. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and your community can be a part of creating a safe faith space for transgender and gender variant young people. Check out this guide to learn more.

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Transgender Welcome: A Bishop Makes the Case for Affirmation


Bishop Gene Robinson offers an accessible, Biblically based and theological perspective on why transgender inclusion in our faith communities is so important. He partnered with transgender faith leaders and religious scholars to produce this resource.

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Made In God’s Image: A Black Church Guide to Gender Difference


Many Voices created an all in one guide that answers basic questions about gender variance and highlights the experiences of transgender and intersex people.

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TransAction is a step by step curriculum designed for churches and religious institutions to help congregants and members understand and welcome transgender persons into their congregations and faith settings. The guide offers three sessions: How Do We Get to Understanding, How Do We Get to Acceptance, and How Do We Get to Welcoming. All sessions include discussions and activities to go along with the information provided in the curriculum.

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Breaking the Binary: Language for a Wider Welcome


Colleen Toole offers a liturgical resource with practical suggestions for congregations, worship and music leaders to broaden the language used in worship during song, scripture reading, and prayers. The words we use in worship are an important part of creating a welcoming place for trans and gender non-conforming members.

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