Teach-In Videos

Gender Justice Teach-In Series

Part I: Connecting the Dots: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

How can our congregations be places of welcome for transgender and gender non-binary folks? The starting point for that journey is learning how to discuss the nuances of gender identity and sexual orientation in order to provide a strong foundation of welcome. This teach-in gives participants a vocabulary for welcome and offers fresh ways to discuss gender identity and sexual orientation that look for commonalities rather than categories.

Part II: Theology of Trans Inclusion

What does trans inclusion look like? In this training, we dive into the rich Biblical foundation for trans inclusion and explore how churches have successfully made worship more welcoming. Participants will walk away with tools and tactics to make their church spaces more intentionally inclusive of trans identities.  Past participants report that our framework has helped their congregations welcome trans people as well as become more sensitive and open to people of other marginalized groups.    

Part III: Faith In Action for Trans Inclusion

This training surveys what opportunities for action the current legislative landscape offers faith-led advocates. Beyond national and state-level action, participants will also learn how to implement proactive policies and programs in their home churches.

Showing Up for Racial Justice Teach-In

Making choices to dismantle racism in our schools, congregations, workplaces, and communities takes skill. The teach-in will explore strategies and tools for working together to integrate racial justice measures into our ministries. This teach-in will be facilitated by two pastors who have helped lead their congregations in taking action for racial justice.