Resource Displays for MLP Churches

Let your More Light shine! The resources on this page are intended to help More Light congregations publicize and celebrate their distinction as a More Light church. Whether creating a display of More Light materials in your church, Presbytery, or on your website, these resources help demonstrate your commitment to abundant inclusion, and are a great way to share that commitment visibly with your community. If you need a resource that isn’t on this page let us know here.

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More Light Logos


More Light Churches are welcome to download and use MLP’s logo for websites or to print a banner for your congregation. This page contains several file formats suitable for web and print.

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More Light Brochure


This brochure provides a good overview of More Light’s history, mission and programs. It is a helpful resource to More Light to your congregation or to new members. The brochure is downloadable as a pdf for you to print locally.

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More Light’s Annual Report


The More Light annual report provides a great overview and snapshot of our work in the past year. It’s a great resource to familiarize yourself with our work and future plans.

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How to Become a More Light Church


This 1-page resource is great for ensuring all are on the same page about the process of becoming a More Light church. It is particularly useful for governing bodies discerning whether to become More Light.

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More Light Teach-Ins Resource


This 1-page resource provides an overview of our teach-in program.

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More Light Ambassador Programs Document


This 1-page resource distinguishes the 3 types of More Light ambassadors and how to get involved.

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