Give Out Day

Give_out_day_facebook_banner_144 years ago, a young Presbyterian pastor stood on the floor of the Presbyterian General Assembly and held up a sign that read, “Is Anyone Else Out There Gay?”Four years later, after the 1978 Presbyterian ruling that openly LGBTQ people could not serve in official leadership of the church, several Presbyterian churches who took issue with the ruling, declared themselves to be “More Light” churches, believing there was “yet more light to shine forth on the scriptures,” regarding the place of LGBTQ people in the life and leadership of the church.

The courageous acts of Reverend Sindt and those earliest churches sparked the beginnings of More Light Presbyterians. They knew the Spirit was calling them to shine their light on the darkness of ignorance, of isolation, of the mistreatment of God’s beloved LGBTQ children by a denomination which, at the time, failed to recognize the myriad of gifts brought by LGBTQ people. They knew the Spirit was them, and they courageously followed.

In the years since its humble, yet daring beginning, More Light has been at the forefront of LGBTQ organizing and advocacy efforts in the PC(USA) and in the world. We provide resources, education, and tools for faith leaders to fully welcome LGBTQ individuals into the life of their congregations. In addition, we work with interfaith and secular partners to build opposition to discriminatory legislation like North Carolina’s HB2 or “bathroom bill.” By creating communities where LGBTQ individuals know they will be fully seen and affirmed as the beautiful children of God they truly are, the More Light family has broken through the barriers of isolation and prejudice LGBTQ people experienced at the hands of the church for far too long.

For 40 years, More Light has worked with congregations to set the table of welcome for all who are hungry. This Thursday, April 19th, is Give OUT Day, the ONLY national day of giving specifically for the LGBTQ community. On Give Out Day, your support will enable us to share the meal. Through our various programs, we help congregationsbuild their capacity and develop new skills to deepen their welcome to LGBTQ people within their churches and in their wider communities.

We hope you will give to More Light on ThursdayThe table is set. Help us share the meal.

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